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Tim Byatt – 10th November 2018

Aerad chart

2 thoughts on “Introduction…..

  1. Nice read, Tim, thank you!

    My first contact with the 767 was when I had an admin job in Engineering; I remember going to take a look with some colleagues at one of the first arrivals parked between TBJ and TBA (I think). The aircraft sat just high enough off the ground that you could walk right underneath, where I was surprised to see paint already peeling, right after the delivery flight. There was a section, between the u/c doors I guess, where the fueselage had a small concave curve, and I suppose the prep for painting wasn’t quite as good as it could have been in this area…

    A year or two later, when I was a chart compiler for Aerad, I had the pleasure of creating the charts for the new alternate of Sondrestromfjord, required when ETOPS started. I think a couple of people had taken a 767 up there to have a look at the airfield, and I believe they ended up adopting some of the USAF procedures for BA use at the airfield, with the important adaptation that the circling part of the approach to RW28 was lifted so that it was above the terrain, rather than below the mountain tops, as per teh USAF original!


  2. Fascinating blog, Tim. I used to travel the LHR-EBB route a lot, and I have to say I was never a great fan of the 767 from a passenger experience point of view! At a time when Kenya Airways were upgrading their fleet with 777s out of NBO it seemed a bit of an anachronism to have this 90s throwback from our national flag carrier, although I think I’m right in saying that before ending the EBB route, BA did run it for a few months with 777s.

    However, I’ve learned a lot from your article, for which, thank you !


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